I’m blossoming

A Flower Poem to Life

Por Marcia Poppe, em 16/11/2020.

“I’m blossoming”, she says.

How magical this moment of realization is.

“Am I not too fragile?”, she asks herself one more time,

still clinging to the safety and comfort of non exposure

somewhat forgetting that life is made of paradoxes.

“Yes, I am fragile and I am also very strong”, she sweetly affirms to herself,

remembering moments and periods of sorrow that also brought her so much joy and made her feel the most alive.

“Courage is my name”, with a sense of completion she added, graciously acknowledging 

her vulnerability and confidently putting herself in motion towards the unknown.

“How sacred it is to witness my own unfolding”, she said, at the beginning of another unique day. 

Escrito originalmente em 12 de outubro de 2020.