Autumn Inside

Por Marcia Poppe, em 27/07/2020.

Who would imagine a time in autumn with no experiencing the sweet fresh smell and touch of the wind on our faces? A time with such blueness in the sky and a veil of light so warm that could only be so gently and slightly felt in our bodies among Nature’s openness?

I bow now at all the moments I’ve been away inside, dwelling in the beauty of the world outside, tenderly being guided and taught how it feels to be born and live in such a welcoming and nourishing place as Mother Earth. It is not possible that all of this, all of Her was created only for us. How can one imagine life as more meaningful, challenging and transforming if not by experiencing its blessings and sufferings every day? We need to give Her back.

In longing for breathing the world’s beauty again, I find that my eyes, my mind, my senses and my heart can experience all that has once been given to me and is written in my memories, my body and my soul. In longing for my freedom I realize there is no greater freedom than the one I feel inside. My spirit is free.

What a blessing it is to feel I have the world inside and that as insignificant as I am when faced with all there is, an infinite void exists within to be filled with Love. And that I can turn the inside out and bring the outside in, as if all is in me, and I am in all.

Who would have thought that this longing for the outside could ever be experienced as the most comforting quietude inside? How could I have imagined Nature’s vastness and silence were to be found inside of me and that my heart could expand and bring this much joyful and colorful season to everyone around me? Are we prepared to make a difference and heal the world?

A year with no Autumn outside and the most beautiful Fall inside.

Escrito originalmente em 13 de maio de 2020.