About Blessings, Synchronicity and Belonging

Marcia Poppe, em 05/05/2022.

I have been experiencing so much blessings and synchronicity lately and for some time now – that I am filled with a sense of awe and wonder like never before, I have to say. Let me bring an example of what I am trying to say.

Last Saturday I got a message that some of my audible credits were about to expire – and I said well, I might as well cancel my subscription after I use my credits – for some time now I have also been discerning really well where to allocate resources and energy. I have plenty of unread books on my shelves, computer and phone, I do not need to keep acquiring more. And so I browsed for a little while and decided Brené Brown’s “Braving the Wilderness: the quest for true belonging and the courage to stand alone” would be my choice for the weekend. What a blessing that wis (was + is, a verb tense I have just invented).

For around a week prior to that I had been thinking about BELONGING. And I had so many questions unanswered… So much mystery and so much truth being laid out in front of my face that matched how I felt inside, that as much as uncertain about everything I wam (was + am), I also knew this wis it, this is where I might also be getting at, this is my experience, this is the time, everything is perfect just the way it is. I “just” have to bring it out… Easy, hey? Nope!

Finding Inspiration

And so, I had breakfast with Brené that day. And with Oprah. With Maya Angelou. And Cindy Wigglesworth. With a bunch of really inspiring and strong women I deeply admire. These were not the only women I had with me that morning. I also had my mother and some of my true female friends – and some clients – none of which I will name for the sake of privacy, but who will know as soon as I finish writing this, that they were also with me.

What all these women do have in common is something I have been gently realizing I also do have. And this is the reason why I feel so inspired by them, by what they write, what they say, how they show up, by their research studies…  All of them have spoken their truth with such authenticity and they have worked on themselves so much for so long – and guess what, life has “worked them” also – that there can be no other possibility for them than this very simple one: to be courageously and vulnerably themselves wherever they are. And this is all about belonging. This is what becomes possible when we truly belong to ourselves. And when we truly belong to ourselves, we belong everywhere. And we belong nowhere. Once again, the beauty of paradox shines through. And the blessings of synchronicity shower upon myself.

Questions for self-reflection

What about you? Do you belong? What is your sense of true belonging? How much freedom do you experience in life, in and out of you? Is this something you value and live? Do you have the courage to stand alone? Welcome, then, to the Wilderness. You are brave and so am I.   

There is a huge difference between belonging and fitting in. What is the experience in your body when you are among a group of people and you sense you belong there? What is your impact on the people? Is there anything special in the way they look at you, speak to you, reach out to you? What is your experience when you – instead – try to fit in? What do you notice?

If you have read the book, you know the dialogue below. That is what Brené brings with her unique way of researching and telling stories. That quote from Maya brought me relief and relaxation, a true sense of stillness in my body for having begun sensing how much I belong to myself. It brought me some answers also, and a number of new inquiries. Which is fine, we are never finished and we can never know it all. That is the beauty of life.

Maya Angelou: You only are free when you realize you belong no place — you belong every place — no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great…
Bill Moyers: Do you belong anywhere?
Maya Angelou: I haven’t yet.
Bill Moyers: Do you belong to anyone?
Maya Angelou: More and more… I belong to myself. I’m very proud of that. I am very concerned about how I look at Maya. I like Maya very much.

That’s it. I like Marcia very much.

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